Crowd Control

When it comes to crowd control, the prominent stereotype is that of burly guards rough handling party-goers and throwing people out of venues. This method of crowd control can only reach an average outcome and at All Function Security we work harder to ensure a standard of excellence. Party hosts and venue managers ultimately want their event to be successful and safe. All Function Security’s eye for detail, friendly staff, effective communication and conflict resolution skills allow us to provide a safe and respectful environment for your event. AFS will cater to the specific needs of your party, event, or those of the event management to ensure your complete satisfaction.

All Function Security has provided services for a number of recently trending ‘Facebook Parties’ which are usually notorious for spiralling out of control. Our modern and effective strategies ensure all risks associated with these parties are closely controlled and minimalized, ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere for all involved. Having much experience with these sorts of events, All Function Security prides itself on it’s ability to keep all patrons safe and satisfied with the service provided.

AFS guards are all RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) approved.

Body Guarding / VIP Protection

In more delicate areas of security such as Very Important Person (VIP) protection or body guarding, the highest level of professionalism must be demonstrated. AFS is precise and meticulous in their selection of security personnel, all of whom possess a keen eye for detail, exceptional risk management and pre-planning skills alongside a great degree of respect and professionalism. Our VIP security personnel are specially trained martial artists and are confident in their abilities to assess high-risk situations and act appropriately and efficiently to ensure a client’s safety and well-being. AFS can provide personal security for any and all events, ranging from (but not limited to) musicians, DJs, religious VIP, athletes, television personalities and celebrities.

CIT - Cash In Transit

Why risk the safety of your employees to do the important banking of your business? With All Function Security you can rest assured that our amiable, alert and professional staff will transport your cash and/or valuables to it’s intended destination with safety and efficiency. Remember that any and all of your cash and/or valuables in transport with All Function Security is insured. For quality service and peace of mind, to lighten your workload and minimalise potential risk, allow AFS to do your cash in transit work.

Static Guarding

Static security guards provide a highly effective visual and physical deterrent of crime to property, people and assets. While the visual impact of a uniformed officer standing guard at a premises itself acts as a visual deterrent for potential crime, AFS security personnel are well-trained in first aid, customer service and respond effectively to any potential risk or danger that may arise. Static security officers provide peace of mind to all employees, clients and customers, creating a safe environment in the workplace. All Function Security upholds the greatest degree of professionalism and respect, while the safety of all persons involved is of the utmost importance.

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